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Rides FAQ’s

– Before Flying in an Authentic Warbird

  • Every passenger will need to fill out a Hold Harmless agreement/Manifest with the CAF Capital Wing (provided when you arrive for your flight) and may also have to fill out an additional agreement depending on aircraft. Minors who fly (age 12-17) must have their guardian complete a Minor Hold Harmless agreement and the guardian(s) must be present on the day of flight.

– Age Limitations

  • All passengers must be 12 years and older to ride in these aircraft.

– Check-In Times

  • All passengers must check in for the flight 30 minutes before departure time. Those passengers not checking in 30 minutes before are considered a “no show.” No refund will be offered, and his/her seat may be given to others on the flight waiting list.

– What to Expect for Every Ride Experience

  • Arrival Time: Plan on arriving to the facility (or the airport where the planes are visiting) at least one hour before your scheduled flight time.
  • Preboarding: Occurs 1/2 to 1 hour before takeoff. You’ll be part of a crew/passenger briefing, and paperwork will be filled out.
  • Boarding: Passengers board, take their seats, and seat belt check is performed.
  • Engine Startup/Run-up: Before takeoff, the aircraft’s engines are started, and the warbird will taxi to the active runway.
  • Flight Time (in Air): Your aerial tour will vary by aircraft.
  • Landing/Taxi/Engine Shutdown: Safe return back to base and taxi back to the area where you boarded the plane.
  • Disembark: Occurs once the plane is secure and the crew has opened the exit(s).

– Cancellation and Change Policy

The CAF Capital Wing reserves the right to cancel or delay due to illness of aircrew, weather, maintenance, or failure to meet minimum passenger requirements.

In such cases a full refund or rescheduled flight will be offered.


  • Reservations may be cancelled 8 or more days prior to the scheduled flight, and the passenger will receive a refund of the ticket price, less a $100 cancellation fee.
  • Reservations cancelled 7 days or less prior to the scheduled flight, no refund will be given.


  • A reservation change (date or time) made 8 days prior to the scheduled flight will be permitted at no extra charge.
  • A reservation change (date or time) made less than 8 days prior to the originally reserved flight will be charged a $50 rebooking fee.
  • No reservation changes (date or time) are permitted 24 hours or less before the scheduled flight.