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Dues are $50.00 annually, to be paid in January of each calendar year. If October through December this includes the following year. Fill in all the areas below (* = required fields). Check any “Hide” box to hide that information from other members view.

Pay by Mail will print a copy of the application form. To ensure proper credit, please enclose this form with your check payable to Capital Wing and mail it to:

Capital Wing
12499 Beverly Ford Road
Brandy Station, Virginia 22714

Membership begins upon receipt of payment.

Pay by Credit Card will take you temporarily to the PayPal website which accepts EITHER your Credit Card or PayPal account information.

New members will be granted an immediate, temporary 30 day period to access the “Members Only” portions of the website. A random password will be assigned and e-mailed to you. You may change your password at any time once logged in.