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Facility Rental

Were you looking for a facility for an upcoming important meeting? Or how about one with several thousand feet of floor space with ceilings that you could back people into the rafters for a unique wedding venue? If so, you can easily book your event at CAF Capital Wing Hangar and Museum!

Our hangar is over 6,400 square feet and is one of the largest rental spaces in the Culpeper area! It will provide you with a blank canvas to create your perfect space with accommodation for up to easily 300+ guests. With a quiet location and no neighbors, you can raise the roof till the wee hours of the morning.

Are you worried about parking? As we’re are located at Culpeper Regional Airport, there is plenty of free parking outside our hangar and within the airport area. There’s also plenty of space if your guests plan to fly in.

Our hangar is situated midfield of Culpeper’s runway, giving your guests a one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor experience with front-row views of aircraft coming and going from the airport.

We can also offer you and your guests warbird rides in our TBM Avenger “Doris Mae,” L-5 Sentinel “Gayle Ann,” or UC-61 “Forwarder…cause why not top an event off in WWII warbird?

Our hangar is excellent for weddings, small concerts, shows, movie nights, corporate parties, holiday parties, birthdays, and more. For more information, a tour of our hangar, or to discuss your requirements, contact ___________.