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Beyond the unique World War II-era aircraft stored in our hangar, there is a room dedicated to displaying artifacts and memorabilia of the men and women that help win the most significant conflict in world history. From searchlights to WWII war bond posters and newspapers telling of harrowing accounts during the war, these are just some of the things you will see in our museum. 

Photograph of the CAF Capital Wing museum.

On display are mannequins wearing authentic uniforms of WWII, several cabinets displaying actual equipment utilized in combat, such as leather flying caps, radio equipment, and flax jackets. There are also finely crafted plastic models of Allied and Axis warplanes. Various cabinets also contain American, British, French, Russian, German, Italian, and Japanese military service equipment. 

A large TBM Avenger model sits on the center display cabinet, designed to look like our “Doris Mae,” to show the unique design of the Grumman “Stow-Wing” concept.

The museum items supplement telling the story of the Capital Wing. These fully operational airplanes include the TBM ‘Avenger’ “Doris Mae,” L-5 ‘Sentinel’ “Gayle Ann,” BT-13 ‘Valiant,’ and UC-61 ‘Forwarder.’ To learn more about our aircraft, visit the Airplanes section of our website.

Admission is free of charge; however, donations are always welcome and appreciated when visiting. We suggest a minimum donation of $5.00 per adult, children, and current military are free, so these funds can help us maintain our growing collection of WWII memorabilia.​ The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) and theCAF Capital Wing is a 501-c3 tax-exempt organization. The museum is staffed by volunteers and supported mainly by donations.

If you have something you would like to donate and help build our collection, please visit our donate an artifact page.